About Us

ADucation provides Advertising Education to small businesses, agencies and media organizations.  Our goal is to help support your team with resource materials, consulting services, educational seminars, online and face to face training.

We help to educate your team on the latest advertising solutions in digital media as well as help identify the reasons why companies advertiser in select mediums.  All advertising has value if someone is willing to invest in it.  We will help to show you the value in all forms of media like Print, Digital, Outdoor, TV, Radio, Social Media, Video and more.

Our goal is to educate your team on the fundamental principles of marketing and management to enhance their understanding of these fields.

The focus of ADucation is to S.E.T expectations:


ADucation Faculty

Dr. James Bissell

Dr. James Bissell

Director of Aducation

Dr. James Bissell provides advertising education and consulting for Aducation.  He has been an educator in higher education for the past 7 years teaching advertising, marketing, management, leadership, corporate finance, organizational behavior and social media management. He has several publications related to education and the use of social media, mobile learning and student engagement and achievement in the classroom.

Dr. Bissell consults and trains organizations on digital marketing strategies, management techniques and the development of advertising campaigns.  Throughout his corporate and academic experience, he has focused on Creating, Educating and Developing.


Ph.D. – Instructional Leadership & Management

WEBSTER UNIVERSITY Geneva, Switzerland
M.B.A.-Business Administration

B.A. – Business Administration
Minor – Entrepreneurial Studies


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