Aducation Seminars

Educating your employees is essential to their success.  Advertising sales are often not made because sales representatives did not fully understand your products, your customers needs or how to overcome competitive product offerings. First, it is important to understand the Principles of Advertising and why customers purchase specific advertising products for their business.  Is their primary method of advertising budget used for TV, Radio, Print or Digital?  Every wonder why or how those mediums are bought and sold? Aducation® can help! We offer custom seminars and training to help companies understand advertising products and services so they can better sell their solution to clients.

Aducation Seminars & Courses

Check out some of the seminars and courses that we offer for your organization.  Each segment can be customized to fit your business needs and we can build a custom program with modules from each course.

Additionally, we offer 1 and 2 day Aducation Seminars to focus on digital advertising products and services.


Principles of Advertising

Principles of Advertising addresses the structure of the advertising industry including agency, marketing, and public relations.  The course covers advertising rationales, concepts, ethics, research methods, strategies, planning and the media mix including buying and placement considerations.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising explores targeted online advertising like text ads in search, display, native and social advertising.  The course covers advertising strategies, targeting options, examples and more.  Additionally, we can just focus on specific aspects of digital marketing like keyword strategy for Google AdWords, Display Advertising Planning or specific social media networks.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for businesses covers advertising, marketing and communication strategies in the new media landscape where traditional media (ex. Newspaper, Television, Billboard) and the online social media exist.  We will look at the current media landscape and the strategic opportunities and challenges for marketers, managers, and consultants.  Primary focus of this course will be on understanding social media, how to build social media marketing strategies, and how to track their effectiveness.

Ready to Advance Your Aducation?

Let us help plan an Aducation program for your business.  We start by assessing your needs and build a customized program to fit the size of your organization, training needs, in person or online sessions and budget.